Enviro Urgence works in the environmental field since 2001 in Lanaudiere region . Several factors contribute to the fact that this company is now a leader in its domain: the team certified expertise, the quality of its actions, the continuous training of its workforce as well as increased policies of health and safety.

The customization of the service offered by Enviro Urgence ensures that its teams at Lanaudiere meet all your environmental needs by prioritizing the caliber of operations and a job well done. Moreover, this aspect is the result of numerous internal standards, similar to those of a multinational company, but with the flexibility of a small business in Lanaudiere.

Emergency Spill Response Services

We understand the importance of a rapid response to an accidental spill. The EBI Enviro Urgence team offers you a 24/7 service. Waste pumping, management and disposal of hazardous materials, transportation and disposal of contaminated soils, environmental assessment.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Qualified professionals, using specialized equipment, ensure that the industrial cleaning work entrusted to us is carried out according to the client's expectations. Low and high pressure washing, cleaning of machinery and tanks, container rental.

Contaminated Soil Remediation

We manage contaminated soil in two ways: treatment and safe disposal. We physically separate contaminated soil and residual materials and apply the various applicable regulations, including the Regulation respecting land protection and rehabilitation, the Regulation respecting the burial of contaminated soil and the Environment Quality Act.