Fast and reliable emergency environmental response

Enviro Urgence has been actively providing emergency environmental services since 2001. Many factors contribute to our position as a leader in the field: the certified expertise of our team, the quality of our emergency response, the continuous training of our workforce and our enhanced health and safety policies.

The personalized service offered by Enviro Urgence ensures that our teams meet all your environmental needs by prioritizing the quality of operations and a job well done. Moreover, this aspect is the result of numerous internal standards, similar to those of a multinational company, but with the flexibility of a small business.


Emergency Spill Response Services

We understand the importance of a rapid response to an emergency spill of hazardous waste. This is why the Enviro Urgence team offers you a 24/7 service. Pumping, management and disposal of hazardous waste, transportation and disposal of contaminated soils, environmental assessment.

Contaminated Soil Remediation

We excavate, transport and dispose of contaminated soils to authorized landfill or treatment sites. Discover our soil remediation services today.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Services in Montreal

Before each emergency intervention, our team of professionals conducts an in-depth analysis of your needs in order to establish the procedures to be followed for the safe transportation, recovery and disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with current government standards.

Oil Tank Removal Services

In the event of a contamination problem, call on our emergency services 24 hours a day - 7 days a week to limit the damage and restore your property to its original state. Oil tank removal, water and oil pumping, excavation and soil decontamination.

Why use environmental emergency services?

While Enviro Urgence offers a wide range of services (industrial cleaning, hazardous waste removal and decontamination of residential and industrial sites), one of the most important services remains our emergency spill response service.

When our clients contact us, they know that they will be talking to a team of environmental emergency professionals with an exceptional level of commercial and industrial waste management knowledge. We are committed to providing an amazing customer experience with every job by adapting to your particular emergency.

Enviro Urgence’s aim is to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone. We have several key accreditations to provide you with high quality environmental services at competitive prices, while focusing on operational efficiency and safety.

Fully equipped for environmental emergencies

Since an oil spill or any other emergency that impacts the environment can happen without warning, it is important to be prepared to intervene with the best equipment.

Enviro Urgence is prepared with industrial and commercial waste management equipment to respond to any environmental emergency. Here’s a list of some of our emergency equipment:

- Regular vacuum truck or hydro-excavator

- Pressure washing unit

- Marine safety booms (for spills on waterways)

- Roll off truck and containers

- Fully equipped emergency response unit

- Different sized excavators