Enviro urgence

Located in the Basses-Laurentides, Enviro Urgence works in the environmental field since 2001. Its main services include environmental emergencies, industrial cleaning, commercial, residential and industrial sites decontamination, hazardous material management and sites restoration. 

The company’s activity is realized by a team of specialized and experienced professionals, with great expertise and strong skills. They make certain to enhance the customer experience at each mandate.


The founder, Mr. Laurent Blais, has over 25 years of experience in this specialty. Like him, his company prioritizes the human being that propels the worker as well as health and safety at work. Thus, Enviro Urgence is regularly developing adequate prevention programs ensuring the respect of OSH conformity questions and standards.  

The company’s activity is realized by a team of specialized and experienced professionals, with great expertise and strong skills. They make certain to enhance the customer experience at each mandate.

Continuous investment in equipment, as well as the availability of our teams 24/7, enable us to provide a fast and high-standard service across the Montreal territory. We also provide service for the South Shore, Montérégie, Estrie, Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière, centre du Québec and Outaouais as well as the rest of Québec.


For several years, several elements have contributed to the fact that Enviro Urgence is among the best of its field. Indeed, the solid structure of this company is cemented by many internal standards and the flexibility of a small business, where management is focused on the human.

This operation is very up-to-date with its employees. It offers them advanced training and a healthy work environment, focused on their well-being and safety. Thus, the Enviro Urgence’s team consists of 30 professional employees in touch with customers and their needs.

Enviro Urgence service, executed with diligent compliance combined with various regulations, are the basis for a strong and successful reputation for the leading position occupied by the company in the environmental field.


Enviro Urgence mission is to maintain a healthy and safe workplace through its quality environmental services while taking into account its operational capabilities as well as its staff and competitive costs.


The vision of Enviro Urgence sums up in a concept: excellence. The company wants to be recognized as part of the best within its field regarding all aspects, that is to say about health and safety, efficiency, evaluation, quotation, and billing processes, quality of work and management systems (sales, operations, administration, marketing, customer service, practices, follow-ups, training and human resources).

Doing so, at Enviro Urgence, no aspect is neglected and internal standards are highest, from which flows a personalized customer service.

Values and management philosophy

Enviro Urgence takes care of its staff to the highest point. Meaning that its values reflect their respect, well-being, their health and their safety. We wish to offer them competitive work, and salary conditions, notably while prioritizing a great work-family balance.

In a different vein, we believe that training and continuous development, in addition to allowing them to access more attractive professional opportunities, will contribute to improving their quality of life.

Communication, transparency, honesty, rigor, and integrity are also core values on which are actions are based.

Commitments Towards Our Clients

At Enviro Urgence, each of our client, current or future, is entitled to our most serious consideration. This is why our team, with which the client will be able to maintain a trustworthy collaborative relation, will provide a more attentive listening and a customized support leading to personalize and advanced solutions support.

Client requests are always processed with the greatest care and on a priority basis. Moreover, to guarantee quality service and save a considerable time, we took care to establish studied, illustrated, validated and regularly updated practices.

The Environment, the Focus of Our Services

Enviro Urgence holds an extensive fleet of equipment, which allows us to deal with all kinds of works. Our experts are thus able to respond to several tasks by bringing solutions to:

  • Management, collection, transportation, and disposal of hazardous material
  • Plan checking and implementation of customized hazardous material management programs
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Pumping of liquid, muddy and solid wastes
  • Cleaning and water pressure unit scouring
  • Location and transportation of roll off leak-resistant container for hazardous material or contaminated soil
  • Soils excavation
  • Soils decontamination turnkey projects (residential, commercial or industrial)
  • Environmental emergencies, 24/7
  • And more.


The detailed study of your needs, carried out by our specialists, will allow us to offer you an adapted and recurring solution, and this, regardless of the material to be disposed of. Indeed, whether it is chemical, oil or other products, our teams will perform the recovery and transportation according to the rules, following procedures affixed to current Government standards.


Among its clients, Enviro Urgence have public and insurance companies, municipalities, commercial or industrial entities as well as privates, for needs in the greater Montreal region and everywhere else in Québec.