Decontamination services and soil decontamination in Quebec

Contaminated soils from hazardous waste are harmful to the natural environment, wildlife, flora and ecosystems.

If you don’t act, a contaminated site can result in:
• Health issues
• Lower air quality
• Plant growth problems
• Groundwater contamination
This situation shouldn’t compromise your projects. Entrust us with contaminated soil remediation and decontamination of your property.
At Enviro Urgence, we offer a professional soil decontamination service.
Make your life easier and ensure that the excavation, transportation, and disposal of contaminated soil is carried out in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Contaminated soil remediation that meets the highest environmental standards

To avoid new sources of contamination for the environment, work must be carried out very rigorously using special equipment.
This is what we do. Our fleet and our different quality absorbent materials allow us to provide the safest soil remediation possible.

A reputable soil decontamination company

Hiring Enviro Urgence for hazardous waste and contaminated soil management means working with a reputable team of professionals who are committed to the safety of everybody involved and your environment.

Why choose our soil remediation company?

Enviro Urgence has been specializing in environmental emergencies and site decontamination since 2001. Our skilled team of experts has over 20 years of experience in soil remediation.
We care as much about our clients as our employees. We will listen and adapt our solutions to your needs and the contaminated site.
We provide quality and prioritize your satisfaction. Enviro Urgence knows how to act in the case of a contaminated soil emergency. 


Enviro Urgence: your specialists in contaminated soil management

Whether it is to conduct an analysis of your soil to rule out the presence of contaminants or to get rid of residual materials, Enviro Urgence will provide you with effective and rapid services. Our personalized soil decontamination service will not only meet the requirements of the authorities in this area, but especially respect yours.

From analysis to the treatment of contaminated soils and the transportation of contaminated soils, your specialists in environmental emergency services and industrial cleaning are at your disposal.

Our soil decontamination process at a glance

• Assessment of the scope of contamination ;
• Using the Generic Criteria Grid in accordance with the Soil Protection and Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites Policy ;
• Implementation of the various options for the disposal or treatment of soils ;
• Contaminated soils excavation and transportation ;
• Several options for remediation or landfill sites.