A turnkey soil decontamination service

At EBI Enviro Urgence, we offer a specialized soil decontamination service.

Make your life easier and ensure that the excavation, transportation and disposal of contaminated soil is carried out in compliance with regulatory requirements. Entrust us with decontamination of your property.

Our soil remediation methods meet the highest environmental standards

Contaminated soils from hazardous waste are harmful to the natural environment, wildlife, flora and ecosystems.

To avoid new sources of contamination for the environment, work must be carried out very rigorously using special equipment:

  • Assessment of the contamination’s scope
  • Using the Generic Criteria Grid in accordance with the Soil Protection and Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites Policy
  • Implementation of the various options for the disposal or treatment of soils
  • Contaminated soils excavation and transportation
  • Several options for treatment or landfill sites.

Hire a reputable company to decontaminate your property

Hiring Enviro Urgence for hazardous materials and contaminated soil management means working with a winning team of professionals who are committed to the safety of everybody involved and your environment.