Reliable industrial cleaning services

Enviro Urgence offers industrial cleaning services for manufacturing plants, factories, industrial warehouses and other industrial facilities in Montreal and across Quebec.

Our specialized industrial cleaning techniques can be applied in situations that involve cleaning at heights and cleaning in confined spaces. We also use the latest technology to clean and dispose of industrial hazardous waste.

Industrial cleaning for every facility

At Enviro Urgence, our cleaning services can be adapted to a wide variety of industrial facilities, including, but not limited to:

● Factories

● Warehouses

● Commercial Facilities

● Manufacturing Facilities

● Industrial Complexes

● Biotechnology Facilities

● Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants

● Chemical Manufacturing Facilities

● Petroleum Refineries

Safe and secure industrial cleaning

Our industrial cleaners are committed to meeting the standards of the Canadian Centre For Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). We respect all health and safety standards and our methods and performance are regularly evaluated by relevant governing bodies.

Your business can benefit from thorough cleaning by a skilled team of professionals with the latest training and certification. We have been keeping equipment impeccable, workers safe, and industrial facilities working at top performance for over 20 years. Contact us today to book an intervention.

We have what it takes to deal with your industrial waste

Our teams are trained and equipped to deal with all types of industrial and hazardous waste: 

● Chemical products

● Biomedical waste

● Radioactive materials

● Petroleum products and fuels (including heating oil tank disposal)

● Explosive materials

● Toxic and infectious substances

● Industrial dust

● Rail industry waste (eRailSafe)

● Contaminated soil 

● Mold

Cutting-edge cleaning, sanitation and decontamination of industrial spaces and equipment

The Enviro Urgence team is made up of certified professionals who rely on a variety of industrial cleaning methods to keep your industrial equipment and facilities impeccable:

● Abrasive blasting (high-pressure sandblasting)

● High-pressure water blasting

● Duct and structure defrosting

● Tank, pit and engine cleaning

● Hazardous waste removal

● Dry ice blasting

● Low and high-pressure cleaning

● Machinery degreasing

● Green cleaning

Industrial cleaning whenever you need it

With Enviro Urgence, you can schedule industrial cleaning services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We stay flexible so you can maintain a safe and healthy working environment without having to interrupt plant operations. Our emergency spill response services are available 24/7.


Industrial cleaning in Montreal: choose Enviro Urgence

Industrial facilities need regular cleaning and maintenance to operate efficiently, and to consistently meet current environmental standards.

With decades of experience in industrial cleaning, the Enviro Urgence team has what it takes to keep your industrial plant, factory or complex impeccable.

Call our industrial cleaners in Montreal today.