Environmental Emergency Response, 24/7

Regardless of its nature, an emergency spill requires immediate action.

At EBI Enviro Urgence, we are aware that time is of the essence, no matter the circumstance. This is why we are proud to offer our clients a dedicated team of experts ready to respond at all times.

Also, over the years, we surrounded ourselves with qualified partners who prioritize the quality of execution to give you the benefit of a turnkey solution for your environmental management of emergency situations.

We secure the emergency spill location and limit the damages

Whatever the circumstances and at any time of the day, we are ready to respond to any situation. Moreover, our extended radius of action and our specialized equipment means that we can even reach remote locations to assist you.


With EBI, speed goes hand in hand with quality, safety and compliance

Whatever the size and the nature of the spill, we offer a fast and efficient intervention and, according to your needs, a turnkey project, rehabilitating the scene in compliance with various regulations.