Residential environmental emergency services

An environmental emergency can have catastrophic consequences. These situations need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

The inconveniences are all the more difficult to handle when accidents involving hazardous waste occur on your property.

Rapid oil spill management and oil tank removal

Residential environmental emergencies occur especially with oil spills from fuel oil tanks containing heating oil. 

Poorly maintained heating systems that are not regularly inspected and substandard oil storage conditions have a great impact on the lifespan of a heating oil tank, whether it is located outside or inside a residence. Without proper care and maintenance by the homeowner, the tank can leak a significant amount of oil.

Although they are generally not harmful to health, oil spills can cause significant damage to the building, the environment and neighboring proprieties.

This kind of situation can become very expensive for the owner of the house. To avoid a spill, check your heating oil tank regularly. Meanwhile, make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for this equipment.

Our residential environmental services cover all types of interventions

An emergency spill such as an oil leak can occur at any time, on any type of residential property. 

We rely on an extensive fleet of equipment to respond as quickly as possible and minimize damage to your property.

Not only can we remove all traces of hazardous waste, but we can also provide contaminated soil remediation when necessary.

If you have a toxic spill, we'll take care of everything

  • Emergency intervention
  • Oil tank and heating system removal (from $1000 and more) 
  • Water and oil pumping (drain, ditch, sewers, etc.)
  • Watercourse protection (floating boom installation)
  • Environmental consultation expertise (with expert partners)
  • Soil decontamination and excavation
  • Concrete breaking
  • Manual digging and excavation (confined spaces)
  • Supplying of leakproof container for contaminated soils
  • After-work compliance report (with expert partners)
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of the premises


Act fast if you have an environmental emergency in a residential area!

If an incident occurs that could have an impact on the environment, immediate action must be taken regardless when it happens. Report any emergency incidents to EBI Enviro Urgence for a rapid response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a competent team will be dispatched quickly.