An environmental emergency can be catastrophic, and the situation must be taken in hand as soon as possible. The inconveniences are all the more difficult to bear when accidents happen with you, at your home. Although as a general rule, they are not harmful to health, oil spills can cause significant damage to the building, the environment, and neighboring proprieties.

Residential interventions occur especially near the fuel-oil tank ensuring heating. Poorly maintain systems, which are not regularly inspected plus non-optimal indoor or outdoor storage conditions have a great impact on the lifespan of a tank.

This kind of situation can become very expensive for the owner of the house. To avoid a spill, check your equipment regularly. Meanwhile, make sure you have an adequate insurance for these facilities.

Services Include

  • Emergency intervention
  • Removal of the tank and the heating system (from $1 000 and more) 
  • Water and oil pumping (drain, ditch, sewers, etc.)
  • Watercourse protection (maritime booms installation)
  • Environmental consultation expertise (with specialized partners)
  • Soils decontamination and excavation
  • Concrete breaking
  • Manual digging and excavation (confined spaces)
  • Supplying of leakproof container for contaminated soils
  • After-work compliance report (with specialized partners)
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of the spaces.