Training and accreditations

Training is a priority and a company's value well integrated into the management of the daily activities of Enviro Urgence. It allows us to better meet the growing and diverse needs of our customers.

In this sense, our teams meet and exceed the specifications governing our business areas, not to mention our health and safety prevention program which is the most rigorous.

Enviro Urgence’s workforce and the company itself have different certifications related to their specific level of action, responsibility, and requisite:

  • Transportation of dangerous substances license
  • RBQ and CCQ licenses
  • BROWZ (USA) accreditation
  • HAZMAT technician
  • TMD
  • Confine spaces, rescue, and respiratory system
  • Work at a height, basket
  • Hydro Québec’s station and dam security
  • Security on sites of Aéroport de Montréal (ADM)
  • First aid and CPR
  • ASP construction
  • POST (Petroleum Oriented Safety Training)
  • Vacuum truck security
  • Pressure unit security
  • E Rail Safe Canada (CN-CP)
  • Contractor Check
  • Cognibox
  • And more.