Hazardous Material (HAZMAT)

Hazardous materials are of very diverse natures. Their handling requires a proven expertise, what holds Enviro Urgence.

We perform the recovery and transportation of hazardous material. Although very simple at first glance, this work requires a thorough planning, notably to stay conform to the current government standards, so that everything is done in a safe manner and above all, to obtain evidence of the conform disposals and destinations.

In order to create a fluid and safe process, from the beginning to the end, our professionals will perform a thorough analysis of your needs. Indeed, the latter has a recognized expertise in the transportation of different materials (contaminated soils and oil, chemical or other products).

Particularly because health and safety are part of Enviro Urgence’s top priorities, all regulations are followed to the letter by all employees in the course of their work, including the Transportation of Dangerous Substances Regulation.