Reliable HAZMAT waste collection, removal, transportation and disposal

Enviro Urgence is a hazwaste disposal and emergency environmental services company offering specialized hazardous waste disposal services for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors in Montreal and across Quebec

Our professional HAZMAT waste management services include the transportation, collection, removal and disposal of all types of liquid, solid, semi-solid, sludge and gas hazwaste, including contaminated soil.

Fully compliant industrial hazardous waste management services

Our teams are trained and certified in Quebec to handle industrial hazardous waste safely according to all governmental safety and environmental standards, including the Quebec Regulation respecting hazardous materials.

All employees wear approved PPE and use state-of-the-art equipment to collect, transport and dispose of your hazardous waste. We also complete all necessary paperwork, including reporting and destruction certificates, to provide proof of your commitment to protecting our environment.



Professional intervention for industrial and commercial hazardous waste

Enviro Urgence teams are trained and equipped to deal with all four types of commercial and industrial hazardous waste.

• F-List wastes

• K-List wastes

• P-List wastes

• U-List Wastes

Trust Enviro Urgence to dispose of your industrial and commercial HAZMAT waste 

Our services include the professional collection, labelling, manifesting and disposal of all substances included on the above lists, including waste related to:

• Wood-preserving

• Metal-finishing

• Iron and steel production

• Inks

• Veterinary medicine

• Inorganic pigments

• Explosives

• Lead processing

• Inorganic chemicals

• Explosives and pesticides

• Construction and rail industry (eRailSafe).

All types of waste streams are treated and disposed of on-site or off-site according to their unique properties. Our teams identify, classify and profile your waste using lab tests or based on our extensive expertise, and guarantee transparency and compliance with all regulatory requirements. 

Waste disposal and recycling services for household hazardous waste

Quebecers produce on an average of 20,000 tonnes of hazardous household waste (HHW) every year, which must be kept out of regular trash, drains, and recycling facilities. These items are dangerous and can contaminate our environment if not disposed of properly.

Enviro Urgence can also help you dispose of common hazardous household waste, including:

• Medications

• Solid and liquid chemical products, including solvents

• Gasoline and other fuels (including heating oil tank disposal)

• Contaminated soil (including pesticides)

• Gravel, masonry and mortar

• Scrap metals

• Solvents

• Paints and stains

• Batteries

• Lightbulbs

Choose Enviro Urgence for hazardous waste disposal in Montreal

Enviro Urgence is a leading provider of safe and economical HAZMAT waste disposal services, including pumping and on-site cleaning in the Greater Montreal area and other parts of the province of Quebec. 

Unlike conventional recycling, which can cost some companies $10,000 per ton depending on the hazardous material to be treated, the average cost of handling with a professional is around $2,000 per ton.

With decades of experience in hazardous waste disposal, the Enviro Urgence team has what it takes to keep your business, manufacturer, industrial complex or household free from HAZMAT waste.  

Contact our hazardous waste disposal teams in Montreal today, and we’ll offer a custom solution to your waste management needs.