Hazardous waste collection and removal

Hazardous waste comes in a wide variety of forms. Whether in liquid or solid state, hazardous waste always needs to be safely handled by professionals. This is why hazardous waste transportation is highly regulated.

To get rid of hazardous materials, you need a team of waste management specialists like Enviro Urgence.

Fully compliant waste management in Montreal

The collection and removal of hazardous materials requires a great deal of planning, special equipment and specially trained personnel.

With health and safety being part of our top priorities, all regulations are followed to the letter by all our employees when performing waste management, including the Regulation respecting the Transportation of Hazardous Materials (RTMD).

Rigorous management at all levels of intervention is also necessary to comply with current government standards and to obtain proof of proper waste disposal and destination.


Why hire us for hazardous waste collection ?

There are many hazardous materials that can be collected and recycled. For example, oil, some architectural paints, accumulators, lead-acid batteries and mercury lamps are materials that we can collect and transport for you.

For other types of hazardous waste such as acids, bases, medications and pesticides, there is currently little or no recycling potential. These materials must be disposed of after being treated to reduce their harmfulness. Enviro Urgence's teams have the skills and experience to collect and transport your hazardous materials.

Unlike conventional recycling, which can cost some companies $10,000 per ton depending on the hazardous material to be treated, the average cost of handling with a professional is around $2,000 per ton.

How is hazardous waste collected?

Household waste is hazardous and must be handled differently than other types of waste. These materials can be harmful to people who come in contact with them, which is why Enviro Urgence has a residential environmental service. To protect you, our team takes care of the collection, transportation and disposal of these hazardous materials.

To recycle hazardous materials in a responsible manner, you can deposit them in a recognized place authorized to receive such waste. This that hazardous waste is treated in a completely safe manner. The goal is to limit the environmental impact of household waste.

Some retailers have set up recycling programs to ensure that hazardous products are properly recovered. You can also consult the Recyc-Québec tool to find out where to drop off your household waste.  


We adapt our services to meet your needs

To create a smooth and safe process from start to finish, our professionals will conduct a thorough analysis of your needs.

Enviro Urgence has recognized expertise in the transportation of various materials (like contaminated soils, petroleum products, chemicals and others) and will be able to offer you reliable solutions, even in the event of an environmental spill emergency.