In many industries, production equipment requires special attention to maintain its performance. Whether in the food, industrial or cosmetic sector, the machines used must be cleaned regularly and efficiently.
Ensuring that product quality remains consistent over time requires a rigorous cleaning process for all containers, including reactors and tanks.

As experts in industrial cleaning, EBI Enviro Urgence's experts can tell you more about reactor cleaning and the benefits it can bring to your business.

What to consider when hiring a reactor cleaning service

Reactor cleaning is not an operation to be taken lightly and requires advance preparation. Certain factors must be taken into account in order to carry out a thorough and effective reactor cleaning. Find out which ones!

Industry sector

Before starting the cleaning of all the parts of your reactor, the team of professionals must analyze the type of product that will be present so that they can use the right intervention equipment. If the reactor is part of a set of equipment for the food industry, the products used will be different from the ones used for a reactor in the industrial or cosmetic sectors.

Reactor cleaning services are generally performed with the help of:

•    Pressure cleaning unit (Low pressure 3500-5000 psi)
•    Pressure cleaning unit (High pressure 10,000-20,000 psi)
•    Dry ice cleaning unit (Cryogenic)
•    Manually with various tools

Once these steps are completed, all your reactors will be clean and operational again. Within a few minutes, you can proceed to the loading of the products or components present in your reactor. 
Warning: the more difficult your reactor is to access (location, accessibility, roughness, etc.), the longer the procedure will take.

Equipment used

As previously mentioned, the type of sector that uses a reactor cleaning service needs to be considered by the response team. The cleaning techniques and the equipment used will not be the same for every type of reactor application.

Cleaning time

The intervention time for the reactor cleaning is usually defined in advance, but can be redefined once on site. The time required for the cleaning of the reactor can be longer, depending on the residues and hazardous waste remaining in the reactor and on the cleaning technique used.

The most common method used by reactor cleaning services is hydroblasting, or high pressure cleaning. This process consists of spraying water at different pressures and temperatures to clean every inch of your reactor, whether it's a small or large surface! The water temperature and spray pattern can be adjusted to achieve optimal results with the different settings available. In many cases, the health and safety elements require work in confined spaces, with breathing apparatus or protection, lockout procedures, etc.

What are the benefits of reactor cleaning?

Reactor cleaning offers many important benefits, which is why this type of service is recommended on a regular basis. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of this cleaning service:

-    Reduced reactor downtime due to fast cleaning
-    Efficient cleaning in hard-to-reach areas
-    Increased manufacturing plant safety without personnel intervention
-    Cold and hot cleaning, with or without cleaning additives
-    Environmentally friendly cleaning with water possible

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As you can see, reactor cleaning is a solution that many companies in completely different sectors use.

Whether you need an industrial cleaning service as part of an environmental management program or following an incident such as a dangerous material spill, the EBI Enviro Urgence team is at your disposal.

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