When we consider what improvements can be made to increase productivity at a factory, safety is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. 

Increased productivity should never come at the expense of worker safety. In fact, having vigilant employees and minimizing risk factors are key components of optimal performance. 

Companies that consistently invest in plant safety reap long-term benefits such as improved employee satisfaction and retention and a better brand reputation.

Wondering what you can do to improve safety in your manufacturing plant and increase performance? Here are five options to consider. 

1 – Digitize security procedures

In many factories, the procedures to follow in the event of an incident (a hazardous material spill, for example) are only available on paper and are conveyed to new employees orally.

One way to improve safety in a manufacturing plant is to digitize the safety procedures and make them more accessible. That means that all important safety-related documents should be put online for workers to peruse.

Digitizing safety regulations and procedures makes them easier to access, share and update, and prevents them from being destroyed or lost. Furthermore, employees can act faster in the event of an emergency when they have the right information at their fingertips.

2 – Improve waste management

Factories tend to produce significant amounts of waste in the course of their manufacturing activities. The waste may consist of used oil or paint and solvent residue, for example. Some of these materials pose real risks to health, safety and the environment, but unfortunately, many companies cut corners when it comes to managing them.

Every factory should take great care with its hazardous waste, handling and storing it according to its classification. It’s also vital for the waste to be collected regularly by a company that specializes in transporting and recovering hazardous waste.

This is the best way to reduce the risk of explosions and protect workers from health problems related to hazardous waste exposure.

3 – Keep the premises clean and tidy

In a clean and tidy factory, the chances of an incident occurring are much lower. Therefore, plant managers should do their utmost to ensure that their facilities stay clean.

For example, if the floors are clean and uncluttered, employees can move around easily without the risk of slipping or tripping. Well-maintained equipment is less likely to break down or experience technical problems that put employees at risk. A dust-free factory is less of a fire hazard and provides a healthier environment for employees. 

No matter what type of facility or equipment you need cleaned and sanitized, industrial cleaning companies have techniques to do the job quickly and without risk of damage. Professional cleaning services can use techniques such as hydroblasting and dry ice blasting in addition to traditional methods.

4 – Minimize the use of hazardous materials

In many industries, hazardous materials are a necessary evil. However, more and more agricultural, mining and manufacturing companies are adopting environmentally-friendly production methods. 

In addition to protecting the environment, reducing the use of pesticides, petroleum products and chemicals also has occupational health and safety benefits. Workers who handle hazardous substances are exposed to all kinds of risks, including explosions, burns, breathing problems, poisoning, etc., so opting for greener alternatives can really improve safety.

5 – Invest in safety equipment

Another way to improve safety in manufacturing plants is to invest in safety equipment. 

For example, if a machine poses risks to those who operate it, it should be equipped with protective devices such as wire mesh or glass screens that block access to moving parts.

The employer should also provide workers with all of the personal protective equipment they need to do their jobs safely. Gloves, helmets, safety goggles and high-visibility clothing can make the difference between a simple incident and a tragedy.

EBI Enviro Urgence is committed to safety

If you want to increase productivity at your factory, you can start by improving safety. Try one or more of the strategies outlined in this article to promote safety at your facility, and productivity will follow!

Want professional cleaning services to help keep your plant spotless? Contact our industrial cleaning team today. 

If you decide that improving your workplace safety should start with better hazardous waste management, we can provide customized disposal services to suit your needs.