An increasing amount of the Quebec population, business people and decision makers have become concerned with environmental issues. The latest government measures to promote safe hazardous waste management are proof of this.

As environmental service specialists, EBI Enviro Urgence is always at the forefront of new Quebec government initiatives and contaminated soil remediation. This is how we contribute to a greener future.

In this article, our experts will help you understand Traces Québec’s tracking solution for contaminated soil.

Overview of Traces Québec

Traces Québec is an integrated solution for the tracking of contaminated soils in Quebec. It is an initiative of Réseau Environnement to meet the recommendations found in MELCC’s document Bonnes pratiques en matière de traçabilité des sols contaminés excavés (Best practices for the tracking of excavated contaminated soils) published in August 2018.

It is based on the GPS tracking of trucks carrying contaminated soil loads via a computer platform. Each scoop of soil that may have contaminants in it is tracked from the site where it is extracted to an accredited landfill or treatment site.

Traces Québec’s goal

Traces Québec was designed for individuals and businesses to demonstrate their compliance with the proper contaminated soil remediation measures.

With this new tool for tracking the movement of contaminated soil, they can confirm that contaminated soil has fully reached its intended destination: a center that holds a permit issued by the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC) or the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) in Ontario.

The term “fully” is very important since many dishonest contractors were quick to unload some of the contaminated soil in fields to save money. They would then go to a treatment center, reclamation site or landfill site to unload the remaining soil. Traces Québec requires the trucks to be weighed at each delivery's departure and arrival to prevent this ploy.

To further limit misconduct, all individuals involved in handling contaminated soil will now be required to record each operation on file.

If Traces Québec’s initiative is effective, there should be much less contaminated soil diverted and dumped into illegal sites over the next few years. 

Who can use Traces Québec?

All public and parapublic organizations and private companies can use Traces Québec to testify to their proper contaminated soil remediation. For all these stakeholders, demonstrating a methodology that complies with environmental protection laws and regulations can be very well perceived by the population.

Those who fail to use it are likely to be targeted by government inspectors, who will be quick to issue heavy fines to lawbreakers.

EBI Enviro Urgence: contaminated soil remediation in full compliance

At EBI Enviro Urgence, we have always prioritized, in our practices, the traceability of the soils and hazardous materials that we transport. That’s why we have a system for tracking documents, weigh tickets and processing certificates. In addition, all trucks are equipped with a GPS tracking and management system that we can follow rigorously to ensure we meet and exceed current standards.

Entrust us with your property decontamination if you want to make sure that the extraction, transportation and disposal of contaminated soils are done in compliance with Quebec laws.