Quebec’s roads are used every day by people on the go and carriers who transport all kinds of products from point A to point B. Laws and regulations govern driving and the transportation of goods for the safety of all road users.

But what about residual hazardous material transportation? Do you need a permit to transport these materials in Quebec?

Find out in this article.

The driver must have a hazardous material transportation permit

To fully comply with hazardous waste transport regulations, a carrier must have a permit for the transportation of hazardous materials issued by Quebec’s Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Fight Against Climate Change. This permit attests that the carrier operates in compliance with the Regulation respecting hazardous materials.

This permit authorizes the holder to transport different types of waste or contaminated material that pose a threat to human health and the environment. Depending on the transportation equipment used, these materials can be solid, liquid or semi-liquid (mud).

It should be noted that explosive and radioactive residual materials are subject to extremely severe monitoring and only a select few companies are authorized to transport them. 

The driver transporting hazardous materials must have a training certificate

Having a residual hazardous material transportation permit is not the only requirement for transporting dangerous goods or contaminated soil.

The Transportation of Dangerous Substances Guide requires that any person handling or transporting hazardous materials must have received appropriate training and hold a training certificate. If not, they must work under the direct supervision of someone with the appropriate training and a training certificate.

The shipper must also make sure that the person handling the hazardous materials has received appropriate training and a training certificate or is working under the direct supervision of someone with this certification.

The driver of the vehicle containing the hazardous materials must always have the original training certificate or a copy of it. Employers are responsible for issuing this training certificate to any employee who handles or transports hazardous materials.

Both the shipper and carrier must keep their training record or experience statements and a copy of their employee's training certificate from the date of issue until two years after its expiry date. If the person is not an employee, they must make sure that they have access to these documents.

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As you read in this article, the shipper is responsible for making sure that the company or people transporting the hazardous materials are authorized to do so. Their hazardous material transportation permit and training certificate must always be checked.

At EBI Enviro Urgence, we can transport your hazardous materials to a landfill or disposal site. Our team has the required training, permits and certifications to ensure safe and compliant handling of your residual hazardous materials. 

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